Pool Repairs


We can come to your house and show you how to operate your pool and equipment, test the water, turn on the heater, set the filtration hours, how and when to clean the filter, set the pool and spa valves and answer your general questions.  We will also inspect your equipment for proper operation.  Call us to arrange an appointment.  The cost for this service is typically $95.00

Maintenance and Pool/ Spa Repairs Services


  • Swimming pool/spa filter cleaning
  • Swimming pool/spa sand filter repair
  • Swimming pool/spa filter repair or replacement
  • Swimming pool and spa motor maintenance and replacement
  • Swimming pool and spa leak detection
  • Stain Removal
  • Algae removal and control
  • Salt water pool system repairs or installations
  • Remote control panel installations
  • Installation of new swimming pool and spa lights
  • Swimming pool and spa timer repair and replacement
  • Automatic Swimming pool and spa chlorinator repairs and replacement
  • Swimming pool and spa heater repair or replacement