Is your pool getting gross, cloudy, murky or even green?

Are your kids starting to avoid the pool instead of enjoying it?

Is it time to clean the filter?

We at C.R.H. Pool and Spa recommend to our customers to have the pool filter cleaned every 6 months. It typically happens at the beginning of the swimming season around April-May and again in October-November. If you have a high traffic pool which is at constant use, you might need to have the filter cleaned every 3 moths or more in the high season. It is the key to keep your swimming pool filtration system operating at its best.

Why is it important to have clean filters?

We all like our pool water to be crystal clear, clean and free of germs and dirt.

Filters are essential component to maintaining healthy, sanitary pool. They are designed to remove unwanted dirt, debris, calcium, and oils. Unfortunately, filter can’t clean themselves. Somebody needs to take it apart, remove and clean the cartages, and the filter inside.

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